Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mr. Escape Artist is trying to resurface!

*** DISCLAIMER- Joey is fine - he is not hurt and did not get hurt***

Ryan and I have successfully kept Joey in a Large wrought-iron like kennel (very thick sturdy medal that I can barely bend with my bare hands) for a few months now. I say successfully as in he hasn't escaped not that he hasn't peed outside the kennel or gotten to things on the shelf next to the kennel and started to eat them (Dad's new bag of grout -oops!) Anyways, that all *almost* changed on Wednesday of last week. Ryan texted me when he got home from work with the above pic saying "Joey says 'Hi'". Joey had somehow broken the latch that holds the tray in the bottom of his kennel... scooted it out from the corner, gotten the tray out from the bottom of the kennel and was then attempting to squeeze out between the door and where the tray normally sits! Doesn't work too well for a 65 lb dog! Though, I think with less firm metals (as we have had in the past) this may have been how he got out with all doors shut. My initial reaction was "Oh no! Is he OK?" Ryan assured me Joe was wagging is tail and after Ryan took the pic he carefully pulled himself out of the position. I am wondering if Ryan caught him in the act and thankful he didn't get hurt. Either way - I have now purchased a smaller plastic crate kennel to see how that works. In the first day he broke some metal on the door and one spring on the door latch - but, didn't escape. He's been in there 4 days with no "problems" yet. Time will tell - We'll keep you posted!

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