Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Fishing

This weekend we went ice fishing and I caught my first fish in the ice house. We decided to keep it as a momento. I tried to take a few pictures of me and Joey with the fish - but he was scared! Who would have thought he would be scared of a little fish?"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Four

I pretty much knew Joey was going to escape today, but I couldn't just give in and let him stay out of his kennel. So back in he went! Tonight I got home to a kennel flipped completely sideways! He even ripped a piece of metal from the kennel door! I don't know what he does while I am away, but I would love to have a video of it. Tomorrow Joey is going to Grandma and Grandpa's because I don't feel comfortable leaving him home alone in a kennel that has metal sticking out from it. I need to find a solution to Joey's escaping.

Day Three

Yesterday Joey escaped again - no surprise. He ripped the curtain I had on the back door leading to the three season porch. This stopped people from seeing all the way into my house... it was an old curtain - but I now have to keep all of the drapes closed in the three season porch to avoid potential "creepers" from peeking inside!

Day Two

Upon returning home the first day I discovered Joey was getting out of the side door... thinking I would outsmart him, I flipped his Kennel around and placed the side door against the side wall. I didn't think he would be able to push his way out. Again, when I got home, Joey was out of his house (this time I had shut my bedroom door) and his kennel was completely in tact, door latches closed shut and all. What he actually did this day was squeeze between the "front door" panel and the side door, how a 70 lb dog does this is beyond me - but somehow he did without seeming to appear hurt.

The Escape Artist has Returned! - Day One

Some of you may know that Joey is the master of escapes! When I first moved back I was kennelling him, then let him stay out of his "kennel" until he started leaving deposits for me in the house. Joey has been back in his kennel for a few months now and suddenly 4 days ago he got out. I came home started to see the shade to my back door rustled and hoping that no one was in the house. What I saw was Joey's head poking out the door and a beautiful hole eaten out of my duvet!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy Joey

Joey Circa the Christmas Snow Storm.

Joey and his new toy!

This is a favorite of mine... he looks so proud.

Small Update

Joey and I have been doing well... he is antsy to be outdoors in the cold. I am lacking motivation to embrace the frigid weather we have had recently. This picture makes me think of warmer days. Note: You can barely discern it - but I am eating an ice pop - aka it was summer!