Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrating my Birthday!

For my birthday we grilled out at my parent's and then had Ice CREAM cake! My favorite. This was the best pic we could get of all the dogs, and probably will be the best we ever get. It was funny at the end of the night Michelle and I left my parents house and said goodbye to Kona. We then both walked to our separate cars to go to our places with the leading men in our lives, the ones who will love us whole heartedly, wait for us, and always protect us - Joey and Kirby.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sleepy Joey

Just lounging around the house!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car Ride Home - Kona is a Cuddle BUG!

Another Favorite of Mine.
Kona Love.

He almost looks mad - like I am disturbing his slumber.

He Loves my Pillow.

Joey Relaxing

Not so sure about that flash!
What's up there?

Kona Pics - She is the Older Cousin ;)

Rest and Relaxation.

I love this one!

Most of you know how difficult it is to get a "good" photo of Kona.

Joey at the Door :)

I love this pic!

I think he looks like Alf.... remember that character?

Standing Guard

What is Grandpa doing outside?


Grandma Rae Giving Kona Some Love

Grandma Rae Getting some Joey Love!

My Favorite After Swimming!

Another One in the water! (shorter)

Here is another video of Joey in the water - he loves to swim now! This is a huge change from last year this time. I still can't get him to jump off the dock - but I think he may soon enough. He will do it, if he can see the bottom. We did get him to retrieve a decoy a few times. He ran in and got it, and then brought it back to shore. Not really to the person who threw it - but it was a start regardless.

Joey for a swim