Friday, July 30, 2010

Spings days... summer days?

My last post was about spring and how lovely it is! Spring has come and gone and summer is flying by?! I was just posting on FB wondering where June and July went? I am excited for August because its my birthday month... but that also always signified the start of school and the colder days of fall!

Joey had a great spring. The pictures I am posting are one of the first spring days where he could stick his head out the window... they aren't that great as I was trying to drive (shhh!)... but you can tell he is enjoying it. The other pic is of him up at Ryan's farm. We went up there this spring so I could see the place and explore. We got to see Ryan's bees, the gardens, fruit trees and where he makes hay (which he isn't doing this summer). Its been great seeing all the life changing and growing up there over the course of the summer.

We went up to the cabin again for some "family" fun time and Joey of course loved it. I still can't get him to jump off the dock or the boat - but he will swim pretty far. He got so concerned when Ryan and I were out tubing because his people were out in the water while he was on the boat. We'll definitely be going up there again yet this summer so I'll have to post some picutes.