Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Been Forever!

Hello to anyone who actually still reads this! It's been forever. I know. I know. I really don't have an excuse other than we've been very busy as full-time working newlyweds working hard during the day to bring home the bacon, and at night to squeeze things in. During the summer it seems we are either at my parent's cabin, or Ryan's parent's cabin, or boating... so we have to fit everything else into Monday through Thursday night! Joey has been good! He had a great summer with all the weekend trips and loved being outside. He is doing pretty good at coming when I tell him to and is getting better at not barking at every moving object he sees while we go on walks. I don't know that he will ever be fixed of that issue completely, but one can hope. I was reading some posts on facebook related to Pet Haven. They are discussing the newest batch of puppies that have Parvo. I remember that Joey had that when he was just a wee pup and that is how he came to be rescued I believe. He's really been rescued twice. But, he's all ours now. It's funny to watch Joey and Ryan interact. Ryan is definitely a lot more strict with Joey than I am. For example, I try to call Joey onto the bed. When Ryan is gone hunting - he'll willingly jump up. However, when Ryan is home he hesistantly jumps up but always makes sure to face the bedroom door so he can see when Ryan comes in the room and hop down. Joey definitely brings excitement into our house and completes our little family. Sometimes, in the rush and bustle of the day I forget these simple little joys and I really have to force myself to step back and take a look at what's going on... I am so blessed to have Ryan and Joey in my life. Below are some pics that I tried to take of me and Joey for Ryan's birthday card this summer. I then put them on a Word Drawing Canvas and placed type over the white sheets of paper that said, "Happy Birthday Ryan. We love you!"
Stefanie and Joey-Roo