Monday, October 3, 2011

Less than a week from now...

I'll be having my first bridal shower followed by my bachelorette party Celebrating my freedom and where my life is in general... 10/15 is going to be a great day! Its hard to believe in just a little over 4 months Ryan and I will be getting married! We had our engagement photos the other day and Joey came along. We didn't get a ton of photots with him... but we did get a few good one. Please feel free to comment and enjoy!

Here's one with Joey trying to steal a kiss... notice, Ryan is just smiling at Joey's antics.

This is my favorite pic and will definitely have a place on our wall somewhere.

On a side note - we wil have another four legged visitor this week. Ryan's parent's are heading out of town and their yellow lab Darcy will be staying with us. Joey may learn to play yet... I've seen him do it twice up at the cabin with Darcy and a different dog so maybe this week will be good for him.