Monday, February 28, 2011

I was looking at my friend Reanna's blog the other day and noticed my blog hasn't been updated in 7 months. I am going to try and update this more frequently - I promise! It seems like time keeps flying by - Joey and I have had a fun winter with lots and lots of changes! Joey and I expanded our family in November when Ryan and I got engaged! Joey now has a fenced in backyard that he gets to live in the rest of his life... this whole fenced in backyard was working great until the piles and piles of snow melted, hardened, and he then realized there was only about 1.5 feel of fence he had to jump over. The other day I literally watched him hop over the fence while I ate breakfast in the kitchen. I ran to the front door - called his name and saw him run down the middle of the street with a smile on his face as he chased the school bus ahead. So - out of the garage - into my car I went and of course he jumped right in luckily! He has always come back, but I don't think he's the most street savy dog, plus there is a train track fairly near our house... and also a fairly busy road 6-7 blocks away... I would hate it if he found himself over there!

I don't have very many recent pics - but will try to take some with my new phone to upload in the future.

Here's another pic of Joey and I loving it up at my old place on the bed... me with long hair here! Don't worry folks! I am growing it back for the wedding, after the wedding and our belated summer reception I may do the extreme chop again, I think it could be nice to have it that short in the summer again. (If you don't know how much I got cut off see my "Hair Choppage" album on FB).

Here's a pic of my Joey on my old couch - we now have the nice leather sectional which Joey doesn't get to sit on - but loves to cuddle right next to it on his pillow as close to me and Ryan as he can.

This is Joey in the middle family room - Where the leather sectional is now - before paint, furniture, and the replacement safe (oops!). It looks pretty empty here - but definitely doesn't any longer.

Finally, here's a picture of Joey during the last weekend he could go swimming up at the cabin during hunting season. Ahhhhh! We love the cabin and being outdoors in general. We're definitely looking forward to cabin time and boating season once again... Ryan and I have decided that we will try our darnest to get more weekends with the Donzi out on Lake Minnetonka and with gas prices they way they are we may have to take the corvette instead of Ryan's SUV more places to balance out the gas we use boating... darn! Too bad Joey can't go in either of those! But I am pretty sure he will get lots of loving and fun up at the cabins and at the farm to make up for it though!

I have busy few weeks coming up with a ski trip to Northern Michigan and also a work trip to New York - but I will try to keep posting about our family's fun adventures.

SLN, RSG and Joey!