Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How could this innocent looking guy do all this?

About a month back Joey started acting out again. I think he was jealous of my time - but I will never know. He kept escaping his kennel as seen previously, and then went into the garbage one day - much to my dismay. Basically, everyday when I came home I was dreading walking in the door. Now, Joey goes in "his room" which is the second bedroom while I am at work. My dad has been at the house a lot this last week - INTSTALLING A DISHWASHER (yay!!!) so he has had lots of company and seems very happy.

One interesting side note, I found out via Facebook that Joey's old Mom is expecting twins in Octber... I told Joe the good news and we both wish Danielle and Jameson a happy healthy pregnancy!


  1. Maybe Joey needs a brother or sister dog to keep him company! And congrats on the dishwasher (a must have in my book)!

  2. Haha - a brother or sister will not be happening... this gal can only handle one crazy pup!